Hip Drill for Runners

If you’re an avid runner or sprinter, the ability to move through the hip without causing unwanted spinal movement, not only makes you more efficient and allows for better drive during acceleration it also can prevent unwanted stress placed upon your spine.

We often take for granted how simple movements influence a wide array of activities; take for instance the hip hinge. Moving purely through the hip from flexion to extension (forward to back) is a movement required for optimal running mechanics. Without the ability to Hinge (think door hinge) from the hip we predispose ourselves to using the spine a bit more than we’d like (not that this is inherently a problem, but for efficiency sake) and causing a whole host of problems.

An Added bonus to this exercise is that it’s a great way to fire up the glute and to train your awareness around the use of your hips. Doing so will help your motor learning and improve your control over your cadence and stride.

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