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Andrea Raducz
Nov 7, 2019
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Best service I’ve ever received! Khalil is a true professional!
Fatima Carrim
Sep 22, 2019
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l've suffered from shoulder pain for a number of years and have tried so many different treatments which never helped. After just 4 sessions with Khalil | already felt a huge difference gl, | highly recommend Khalil not just for his excellence approach in his field but also for his awesome lifestyle approach and advice on living a healthy and balanced life! Thank you Khalil for sorting me out 👏
David Lam
Sep 6, 2019
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Having suffered from headaches and migraines for an extended period of time | thought it was something | now had to live with. After seeing Khalil at Pain to Performance not only have my headaches and migraines ceased but he has got me moving back to best, something | wish | could say about other practitioners seen prior. Thank you Khalil.
Daniel Adley
Oct 14, 2019
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| have been training at the gym for years but all of a sudden | started to notice pins and needles in both my arms while holding the bar across my shoulders. | ignored it and pretty soon | couldn't complete the first rep on the flat bench with dumbbells, with my left shoulder in particular hurting. | went and saw Khalil who pointed out that I’ve lost a lot of mobility in my shoulder and he gave me exercises to do along with our sessions. Since then my mobility is getting better and | am sure | will be back to 100% soon. He knows his stuff and | am happy | went to him.
Daniel Disotto
Sep 10, 2019
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Khalil has helped me get to the root cause of my recurrent low back pain. Khalil’s treatment has been first class, he has educated me on correct movement techniques and | am finally back playing football and performing in the gym again. This guy knows his stuff! Highly recommend.
Marvin Baetiong
Nov 7, 2019
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| am very pleased with the service Khalil gave me. I’ve been struggling with my shoulder and back injuries. However, he managed to get me back to where | was and | feel stronger than ever. Khalil is a top class chiropractor, if you people have got any problems with any injuries | would definitely recommend you to go see him!
Katherine Harper
Oct 6, 2019
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| was referred to Khalil by a dentist following severe tooth pain, and what began as treatment for that specific area has evolved into treatment, support and an effective action plan for many other musculoskeletal areas. | would highly recommend Pain to Performance to anyone. Khalil’s approach is different to other chiropractors, osteopaths and physios | have experienced, because he is so focussed on getting back to the pre-pain state with mobility-led exercises and activities. We worked on assessment and treatment in a gym environment which is where | train a lot. It seems obvious but something you don't get in other channels. It is so easy to let pain get you into negative thought cycles and feel like you should stop being active which is in itself feeds into that negativity. Khalil has taught me a lot about understanding what pain is and how we need to think about it. | am feeling stronger & more in-tune with my body and | would say much of that is down to Khalil’s approach.
Matthew Bartholomew
Sep 20, 2019
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| was recommended Pain to Performance by my dentist to help treat my severe jaw and neck pain. After three weeks of treatment | am happy to say | am pain free! Khalil was a great help, and with the exercises he taught me, | will be able to reduce the chances of further injury. Highly recommend!
Ricardo Jorge
Sep 20, 2019
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| cross the ocean literally to see Khalil so | guess there is no better feedback than that one. | really recommend/suggests if you are looking for to improve your sports performance, whatever is your sports or even if you are a person that just want to enjoy life with more quality, do your daily tasks safety and free pain to get a session with him, so he can give you good information about what is happening with your body and from there a specific program where you have focus. Khalil helped me and the only thing | regret is he is from London UK and I'm from Portugal😂
Muhaiz Hussain
Oct 15, 2019
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I'd like to start off by saying the treatment | received from my qualified chiropractor Khalil was nothing short of exceptional and because of him | am able to play and compete at a good level so much so that he has got me playing 3/4 times a week again. | went to see him for my first visit in May when | was struggling to walk due to my entire lower back and hamstring being in constant stress and pain, | was literally a cripple at 21. He gave me an honest diagnosis and showed me some rehab exercises that | should do to get better. Because of how much pain | did everything he said and surprisingly enough it actually worked. | went to go see him again during the week because the pain was that severe and needed to be monitored. He managed to reduce the pain significantly, gave me exercises and routines for the short term and long term which were very effective. The treatment he conducted during our session was also very effective as he targeted the main areas of discomfort and reduced the pain immensely. Once | recovered from the initial sessions, he made sure to see me again for at least 2 more session so that the injury would not reoccur and | was making progress as well as making sure anything else was not out of place that may cause me harm. He took care of me properly and attended to all my problems, whilst also giving his advice on how to build my strength so that | am able to stay fit for the long term. It was my first time going to a chiro and | would recommend him to anyone suffering from back pains. His effective methods and exercises as well as his honest opinion and feedback is the reason why | am fully fit and can play at a high intensity again. Thank you Khalil.
Sannah Ahmed
Oct 7, 2019
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Khalil is a very thorough and knowledgeable practitioner who looks at you as a whole person. He gives holistic advice and so you may come away with more than just exercise for your pain which will help achieve long term lasting recovery!
Sapuran Gill
Sep 25, 2019
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After a year of my daughter suffering from neck issues Khalil resolved the issue but more importantly provided preventive exercises. We'd seen three chiropractors previously and spent a lot of money. | also suffered from several back spasms which Khalil fixed after three treatments. By a country mile, the best chiropractor I’ve been to.
Dr Walid Jamal-Eddine
Sep 29, 2019
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Dr kay has been an amazing help. Really challenging the status quo and getting you real results for life. His treatments are very unique and not temporary fixes. You will be very pleased with your health results.
Sarah Jane
46 weeks ago
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| had a online consultation via video today with khalil. Honestly the best service ever! I'm pleasantly shocked at how amazing the service is. Khalil managed to identify my issues almost instantly and provided me with exercises which | am doing frequently and in a matter of hours | can feel the benefit. One very clever man and he clearly has passion for his profession. It is something that | will recommend to everyone to have. Massive thanks to Khalil. I'll forever be extremely greatful for your brilliant work.