About Me

Chiropractor and Movement Enthusiast

Khalil Hussein is a Chiropractor and Movement Enthusiast.

He completed his Master of Chiropractic in 2012 from Macquarie University. Since then, he has
worked in many different award-winning clinics in both Australia and the United Kingdom, before
starting his own clinical service in 2017. He has played an integral part in helping his patients get
better from all manner of issues. He values being able to help people live their lives again,
unimpeded by pain or injury. He has worked with a wide range of people including professional
athletes, victims of torture, stroke survivors, post-operative patients and regular office workers.

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Helping you become better

Khalil values helping people help themselves for the future and he always empowers his patients to realise their true potential.

Khalil, has successfully completed several post graduate certifications such as the complete Functional Range Systems coursework, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation and several pain science certifications.He is always furthering his knowledge so that he can provide the best care possible.

Khalil regularly posts on social media and provides free content to help in dealing with injuries and pain, he also has a regular column at dentistry.co.uk where he shares the popular Dentistry Gym class. Dentistry gym is a free class available on you tube aimed to help dentists prevent pain and injuries and also to help improve their strength and mobility.

Khalil is also the co-owner of a dental and health clinic in Isleworth, London, he provides in person and online consultations and also has several online self paced courses to help with pain and injuries.


Functional Range Systems

Functional Range Conditioning
Mobility Specialist

Functional Range Assesment

Functional Range Release Provider
(Spine, Upper Limb and Lower Limb)

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS)


DNS Exercise I, II, III