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About Me

I’m Khalil Hussein, Chiropractor and Movement Enthusiast. Born in Africa, raised in Australia and now I reside in  London. I began my journey towards learning how to optimise the body, treat pain and dysfunction after realising my own inadequacies and how my limitations were affecting my performance, not only on the sporting field but in life. I realised what I wanted to do after also seeing a family member suffer the repercussions of a fractured neck sustained decades ago. What they knew back then, has mostly become obsolete and what we know today will in some way become obsolete in the future.

I started this Website as a means of passing on my knowledge and experience to everyone. The internet is flooded with information, however I believe it is suffocating from it. Without being able to filter through the noise and connect the dots, all that information is overwhelming.

My hope is to foster your understanding of what I know and what new evidence tells us, as well as giving guidance to help you become better. To help with your pain, your performance and your life in general.


I hope you enjoy the content I deliver, and I hope to hear from you all, about what you enjoy and don’t enjoy about the blog. If you want Tips and the Latest knowledge, subscribe for regular emails or follow me on social media!


Looking forward to connecting with you.



Functional Range Systems

Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist.

Functional Range Assessment Specialist

Functional Range Release Provider (Spine, Upper Limb and Lower Limb)


Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS)


DNS Exercise I,II, III